New Instagram Grid Style

For the past two months or so I have fallen completely out of love with my Instagram grid style.

In fact, I was feeling so overwhelmed by what to post that I was really struggling to post at all.

Perhaps you’re feeling like that right now.

In all my years of being an Instagram Marketing Specialist I had never felt that way, so it had been difficult for me to relate to my audience when they were going through these tricky times, so I am actually really thankful that this ended up happening to me.

Today I want to share with you what made me start feeling all topsy-turvy with my Instagram grid style and how i’ve managed to find a new grid style and transition my account to that new style with ease.

How to Transition to Your New Instagram Grid Style

Transition New Instagram Grid Style

So, what made me want to transition my new Instagram grid style?

Well if I’m honest, I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices I had available to me after taking a job as the Marketing Manager for Plann and for once being able to have an Instagram account that wasn’t ruled by my brand colours.

I guess you could call it an identity crisis of sorts.

Since launching my business, known as Social Stylings™, I was very strict with my Instagram content and only shared photos and videos where the predominant colours were pink, black and grey.

All of a sudden the pressure was off, and I didn’t have to follow my strict branding anymore!

In order to get myself out of this funk, I knew that I needed to create a new purpose for this Instagram account of mine, and also gather some style inspiration.

Anyway, that takes us to the next portion of this blog – how to get out of your Instagram rut and transition into a new Instagram grid style!

Let’s hop to it.


Step One: Take a Look at Your Analytics

One of the first things that I did when coming up with a new Instagram grid style was to see what was working for me in the past.

I opened up my Plann account (i’d been using the app since it’s launch back in 2016) and went straight to the performance tab to figure out what my best performing content pieces were as well as my best-performing colour palette.

This helped me to make an informed decision on my new grid style so that I didn’t upset my current followers with a change that they didn’t really like.


Step Two: Decide on The Content You Want to Create

Once I figured out that photos of me and red outfits worked quite well, I decided that I was going to go for a warm-toned colour palette on my Instagram grid.

The next thing that I did was go and search up Fashion and Travel influencers on Instagram with a warm-toned colour palette to see what kind of images they were posting. I knew that I wanted to take my images/videos down that niche during the transition as one of my big goals is to go travelling for an extended period of time whilst working abroad.

Because both my partner and myself are entrepreneurs, and I work for the best company on earth, I can do just that! Keep an eye out in the coming months for details on my upcoming adventures.


Step Three: Find an Editing Style That You Love

I already knew I wanted warm tones, and I knew that I loved the editing styles of a few key influencers who I quickly discovered all use Lightroom.

So, guess what happened?

I bought Lightroom and a Lightroom preset off of this website and got to editing!

Luckily I already had a bunch of photos from past photoshoots and travels that I could edit for my new Instagram grid style, so for me the transition was quite fast.

But don’t feel bad if you can’t make your change so quickly!

A few things you may need to invest in before the transition of your Instagram grid style are:

  • Professional photos
  • An editing software or tool
  • Some new photoshoot props
  • A scheduling tool


Step Four: Start Posting!

A lot of people ask me what they should do before they try and transition or change their Instagram grid style.

What I did was start posting as soon as I could!

Sure, I also deleted over 200+ of my old images and videos, mainly because they all mentioned products and services that I no longer offer and I didn’t want to confuse people and have enquiries about these old things coming through.

You can choose to delete or archive your older Instagram posts if you want to, but it isn’t a necessity.




Anyway, there you have it! Those are the exact steps that I took to get out of my Instagram grid style funk and how I transitioned into my new grid style.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, there are plenty more on the way.